Welcome to the Cold Coffee Grind!

Hi, I’m Brittany. My son is two, and he’s the sweetest, strong-willed little person I have ever met. I pray his strong-willed tendencies help him conquer the world…. and not turn my hair totally grey before age 30.

I love Jesus, Chick-fil-a, coffee, & all the dogs–especially PUGS! If you haven’t loved a pug, have you really loved?! Solid question.

I’m using this online space to chat all things motherhood, fitness, fashion (to the best of my ability), and anything else that catches my attention. I love sharing my tips, tricks, and life-hacks, especially those useful to all the busy women out there. Whether you’re a mom, businesswoman, college student, somewhere in the middle or all of the above, this space is for you. If you’ve ever been so crazy, busy that your warm cup of coffee turned cold before you ever got a chance to enjoy it, the Cold Coffee Grind welcomes you.

Thanks for stopping by, reading my rambles, and sharing here too.

Until next time, keep up with the grind & don’t give up!