Daily Dose: Hair Essentials!

As I sit here to talk about my favorite hair products, I’m thinking who the heck I am to give advice on HAIR. I can’t even remember which day I last washed my hair. Honestly, I am not sure I brushed my hair with an actual hairbrush today. I know I am not alone in this… which is the ONLY reason I am sharing these products with you. These products are quick to use, tame the wildness, & give me a somewhat “put together” look.

  1. Dry Shampoo: This might seem like a total obvious, but I had NEVER used dry shampoo until after becoming a mom. I am obsessed with this Batiste Dry Shampoo with a hint of color. It comes in three shades and blends into your roots. A couple quick sprays and no worries about having a white powder look! Can I get an AMEN?!
  2. Shine & Texture Spray: My newest daily “go-to” is this amazing shine and texture spray made by R+Co. Y’all this was a game changer for my hair. I have fine and somewhat thin hair, so I was always wearing it up if I didn’t have time to curl it. Until this little gem came into my life (shout out to my awesome sister-in-law). I use this everyday for a little extra body and lift. I now feel confident to wear my straight hair down without feeling super drab. My scalp thanks this product, because daily top knots can be a pain!
  3. Scrunchies: I’m bringing the 90’s back, sister! On days where I want to wear my hair up but also look a little put together, these velvet scrunchies are a MUST. They give my top knot/messy bun a little fancy factor. Scrunchies are way healthier for your hair than the damage a band can cause. Not to mention, I found a 20 pack in various shades on Amazon for only $14.


So there you have it, simple and sweet! All the products are linked to Amazon if you would like to check them out, because who doesn’t love Amazon Prime?!

Until next time, keep swimming!