No Tricks, Just Treats Printable

Halloween is right around the corner! The Pumpkin Pouch Printable (from last year) was so popular that I decided to do another Halloween printable this year.

(All printables are linked at the bottom and can be downloaded for free!)

These pouches make a great allergy-friendly option to hand out to your trick-or-treat’ers or to take to school parties! With all of the dietary restrictions, these make a great “treat” while staying away from many of the popular allergies.


For those of you who stick to the applesauce cups, I also did a cup printable!








Pouch Printable:CLICK HERE!

Cup Printable: CLICK HERE!

2018 Halloween Printable: Click Here!


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Have a HAPPY & safe Halloween!





Healthy Halloween Treats

With Halloween being tomorrow, I had to come up with a treat to bring to Benjamin’s preschool class for their Halloween party. I wanted to choose something that was fun and easy but also healthy for the kids. I also thought it was important to have a treat that children with allergies could enjoy too. I found these White House Fruitastics Applesauce Pouches at the store and thought they would be the perfect treat.

Benjamin LOVES these pouches and would eat five every day if he could. I love that they are healthy and kids love them. If you are looking for a creative way to dress up the pouches for Halloween, then follow these super simple instructions!

Here’s what you’ll need:

White House Fruitastics Pouches
FREE Printable Pumpkin Wrap


Snapseed (6)


  1. Print the free printable pumpkin wraps.
  2. Cut them out.
  3. Wrap and tape them around the pouches.
  4. Place in a basket or Halloween bucket.

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Easy, right?

These would make an awesome Trick-or-Treat item to give out to kids for Halloween. While everyone gives out candy, you can be the cool mom handing out these cute applesauce pouches!