Cold Coffee Grind

How to Survive the Cold!

Okay, moment of truth…the title of this blog post may be a tad dramaticokay a lot dramatic. If I was being rational, it would be titled, “5 things you NEED to make this cold weather a little less painful.” And yes, NEED.


Check out the details below and because Amazon is our friend, just click the underlined word for a direct link!

First up, a Love Your Melon Hat! These hats are SO warm, they’re amazing quality, & the brand stands for a great cause. For every hat purchased, they give a hat to a child with cancer. I also love the that pom of this hat is detachable so you can change the look.

Second, a Sherpa Pullover! Sherpa is magical. #facts It doesn’t matter how cold it is or how hard the wind is blowing, you will be nice and toasty in one of these pullovers.

Third, Ugg Boots. When it comes to cold weather, I will always choose to live in the 90’s because Ugg’s are never going out of style (in my opinion). I may totally be alone with this opinion, but I am totally okay with that because my feet will be warm!

Fourth, small space heater. This thing is tiny but mighty! It would be perfect for curling up by the couch or next to your desk at work. I hate bulky heaters that take up a ton of space, so this one is perfect. If you are always cold, you definitely need this.

Lastly, oversized hoodie. Because no one can judge you in the comfort of your home, that’s a rule. I mean, how cozy does this look? No explanation needed. Just go ahead and get it and then you can dream of slipping into it after a long, cold day!


Well, this one is simple and short! Comment below and let me know how you survive the cold!