What is the Cold Coffee Grind?

Hi, and welcome to the Cold Coffee Grind. My name is Brittany, and I am the mom of a very sweet & very strong-willed two year old boy. Are they all strong willed at this age…please say yes! I could go on & on about Benjamin, but I will save that for another day! Today, is about YOU.

I’m so happy you’re here and grateful you’ve chosen to take a few minutes to read my rambles. I’ve chosen to create a little online “club” for those of us who aren’t even sure what coffee tastes like when it’s hot…..because we are busy. Busy, in a good way. It’s pretty easy to see the word “busy” and immediately give it a negative complex. But you know what I’ve decided….those things that make us busy…those things are blessings. So, whether it be our jobs or our sweet children, or the Mount Everest of laundry that is taking over your bedroom…I’m choosing to call those blessings & sip my slightly warm coffee.

I will be using this site, as well as my YouTube Channel, to bring you all of my most helpful tips & tricks to make life a little easier. Whether you’re a busy mom or spend more time in an office than at home (or if your superwoman, both!), the Cold Coffee Grind will focus on bringing some simplicity to your life & getting you back to the cup of coffee before it goes cold!

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just a mama thriving on Jesus & Chick-fil-a... & trying to remember to drink my coffee before it’s cold. 🙌 ☕️ 💙

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