Christmas Gift Ideas for Women from The Be Brand

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women from The Be Brand

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women from The Be Brand

Here are some of my favorite Christmas gift ideas for women that are “closet staples” from The Be Brand. These makes great gifts for the women in your life… OR if you need ideas to give someone for YOU just send them the link straight to this page. And don’t forget to use my code BrittanyWil10 to save 10% on your order! I seriously have not received something from this online boutique that is not high quality, super comfortable, and a closet go to!

Here the list:

Grey Belt Bag

Harper Crossover Shorts – Black




Love Like Jesus Sweatshirt

Black Leggings

Go check out their website… you won’t regret it! Click here to shop!
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Detox

Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Subscription Box

TWO of my favorite things just came together….. my monthly detox regimen AND subscription boxes! Read all about my monthly Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Detox that is now delivered to my door for free!

Meet…Apple Crate Co.!


If you follow me on Insta, you know I am a strong believer in doing a monthly detox with White House Food’s DETOX drink. The drink is made with Organic Raw ACV with mother, lemon, and cinnamon. It’s a simple, 7 day regimen that rids my body of toxins, aides healthy digestion, and reduces bloat. I love that I can do this DETOX while maintaining a my normal diet and exercise routine.

While in the past I have had to hunt down 7 bottles from my local grocery store, NOW my 7 bottles are delivered right to my door each month. Not only is this super convenient, but it’s also the perfect reminder to detox each month.

What’s in the box?

  • 7 – 16oz Detox Drinks
  • Brochure with tips and information on how to get the most out of your 7-Day Detox
  • Goal Tracker Calendar
  • FREE Priority shipping

What’s the cost? The Apple Crate is $30 per month with FREE shipping!

For more information on the actual DETOX, read here!

I also offer FREE online accountability groups where a group of us come together (in a private online group) and do our monthly detox together! It’s a great community that is free to join with your purchase of DETOX! Click here for more information on the groups.

Have questions about the Detox or The Apple Crate Co., send me a message or comment below! I would love to chat.

Happy Detoxing! Here’s to feeling our BEST!





PS: Do you like to share brands you LOVE on your social media? Apply to receive an Apple Crate to share with your followers here!



Easter Basket Ideas!

I was trying to change up the typical Easter Basket this year with some new ideas, so I thought I would share!

Benjamin gets so much candy during Easter Egg Hunts with family, so I like to fill his Easter basket with items he can USE and stay away from the sweets!

What items do you fill your baskets up with? Please share in the comments, I would love more ideas!

Easter Basket Items: Click on the word for a shopping link!


Clear Applesauce Pouches

Cotton Tail UTZ

Handwriting Books

Coloring Books

Melissa and Doug Magnets

Travel Pack Mini Art Set

Magic Ink Pictures







Bath Crayons

Flips Flops/Sandals/Crocs

New Swimsuit:Girl/Boy

Beach Toys

Coupons for Activities



Cuddle + Kind Doll


Rain Boots

Garden Tool Set

Seeds for Garden

Photo for Pinterest

Thanks for reading and have a Happy Easter!




Winters Items for Toddlers!

My Favorite Winter Items for Toddlers

Although my son seems to have ZERO cares about the COLD, it totally effects his body. From runny noses to dry skin to layers upon layers of clothes, this Winter weather is not going to slow him down. So, I have had to find ways to keep up (LOL) and also keep him warm…even though he doesn’t seem to notice the fact it’s even slightly chilly. Seriously, how do they do it? AND at what age to we realize, IT’S COLD?!

Today I am sharing a few items that have helped us stay warm, healthy, and happy during this crazy, cold season. Click the underlined words for a direct shopping link!


  1. Wink® Immune & Chest Rub: Last Winter, it seemed like Benjamin had a season-long cold. We have been trying to prevent that this year by using Wink’s Immune, which is their proprietary elderberry syrup. It’s a must have for maintaining a healthy immune system during the Winter months! The Chest Rub has become part of our nightly routine. It’s a natural formula that contains safe amounts of eucalyptus oil to open airways and lavender to calm and sooth. If you are not familiar with this company, I highly recommend giving their website a look! If you are looking for safe, drug-free products for your littles, they had quality-trust products from bath bubbles to cough syrup! For 15% OFF your order, use the code JessicaS15 at checkout.
  2. Cute Hats: I am obsessed with finding cute, Winter hats for Benjamin. Luckily, he loves wearing them, so he has quite the collection. From Amazon to Etsy, I have found WARM, hats to keep ears covered and wind out! This is one of my favorite Etsy shops, click here. Amazon also has a great-Prime selection, click here.
  3. High Socks: You know when you pick your child up or lift them into the car and their pants rise exposing their ankles? THAT makes me cringe. Again, this sounds dramatic and most of our children have little cares about the cold weather. I’m pretty sure my son would run outside pant-less and be in his glory… meanwhile, I am dying on the inside when I see the slightest sliver of skin peaking out. So basically, for my peace of mind only, in the Winter we wear high socks. No one likes cold ankles, or at least this mom is not a fan.
  4. Water Bottle: I think the moment you give birth, you turn into the hydration police. Like have you ever met a mom who doesn’t ask if you’re drinking enough water? My mom still questions me on my water intake. But I can’t even be mad, because now I’m on water patrol. Seriously though, water is so easy to forget when it’s cold out. We take a water bottle with us everywhere, so I love these spill-proof bottles!
  5. Car Seat Safe Jacket: Is anything more frustrating than trying to find that balance between a jacket that is warm enough and a jacket that is safe in the car seat? If we are going to play outside in the snow, then Benjamin is looking for Michelin Man. Riding in the car is a whole different story. For in and out of the car, we use this Columbia brand jacket. It thin enough to be car seat safe, yet warm enough to keep the mom guilt away.
  6. On-The-Go Kleenex: I seriously considered getting a patent on a tool belt for tissues. I am not being dramatic on this one. My son needs a tissue every two seconds. I have staggered tissue boxes all around the house so there is always one nearby. These on-the-go Kleenex pouches are amazing. I just snap them onto by bag and his backpack so there is always one when needed. You can only use your hands so many times before it’s not really effective. #momlife Thanks for Amazon, you can get pouches in bulk, 10 packs for $18.99.
  7. Humidifier with Essential Oil Tray: This one doesn’t need a lot of explaining. I have one in the main living area and in the bedroom. It acts as a humidifier and diffuser in one! I am obsessed.
  8. Indoor Activity Blocks ($20 off): Although we try to get outside as much as possible, indoor activities come in handy during the Winter. Benjamin is obsessed with these foam blocks. If you follow me on Instagram (@coldcoffeegrind), they make plenty of appearances. Between making forts, building houses, sounding out letter shapes, and stacking towers, these blocks are well worth the investment (plus they’re $20 OFF right now)!


I could probably go on and on, but those are some of my favorite Winter go to’s for Benjamin! I’d love to hear how you get through Winter with your littles and what items you find most helpful. Post in the comments below.





Cold Coffee Grind

How to Survive the Cold!

Okay, moment of truth…the title of this blog post may be a tad dramaticokay a lot dramatic. If I was being rational, it would be titled, “5 things you NEED to make this cold weather a little less painful.” And yes, NEED.


Check out the details below and because Amazon is our friend, just click the underlined word for a direct link!

First up, a Love Your Melon Hat! These hats are SO warm, they’re amazing quality, & the brand stands for a great cause. For every hat purchased, they give a hat to a child with cancer. I also love the that pom of this hat is detachable so you can change the look.

Second, a Sherpa Pullover! Sherpa is magical. #facts It doesn’t matter how cold it is or how hard the wind is blowing, you will be nice and toasty in one of these pullovers.

Third, Ugg Boots. When it comes to cold weather, I will always choose to live in the 90’s because Ugg’s are never going out of style (in my opinion). I may totally be alone with this opinion, but I am totally okay with that because my feet will be warm!

Fourth, small space heater. This thing is tiny but mighty! It would be perfect for curling up by the couch or next to your desk at work. I hate bulky heaters that take up a ton of space, so this one is perfect. If you are always cold, you definitely need this.

Lastly, oversized hoodie. Because no one can judge you in the comfort of your home, that’s a rule. I mean, how cozy does this look? No explanation needed. Just go ahead and get it and then you can dream of slipping into it after a long, cold day!


Well, this one is simple and short! Comment below and let me know how you survive the cold!