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Hi, friends!

This week’s daily dose was inspired by one of my love/hate relationships….fitness.

I know I’m not the only one. I hate everything leading up to the actual “work out” but afterwards….I am in LOVE with the way I feel! So today, I am sharing all the ways I make working out fun and what items I use to bribe myself into a good workout! (For direct shopping links, click the title of each item).

pillow sprayDeep Sleep Pillow Spray: First, get a good night’s sleep. Yes, the magic to working out is sleep. I totally get the excitement of getting the kids to sleep and staying up late with watching my favorite reality show or Netflix. For a week, I challenge you to go to bed after the kids are asleep & wake up an hour earlier. Trade that YOU time for an early morning workout. I get it, that sounds terrible…but do it for a week and see how you feel. I promise, you won’t regret it. So, how do you turn your brain off and actually fall asleep earlier? Enter,  this deep sleep pillow spray. The blend of lavender and wild chamomile is so relaxing. Two sprays on my pillow is just enough to do the trick. Rest and relaxation in a bottle!

leggingsFun Workout Attire: Wardrobe is everything. That even applies while sweating. Layout your workout clothes the night before, and make it fun! I am obsessed with these crazy, coffee cup leggings.  I also LOVE the Fabletics brand. Both are super reasonable, great quality, & long lasting. I have found when I invest into fitness (with clothes) I am more likely to actually workout. Maybe it’s all mental, but it works for me! Looking good = feeling good.

water bottleWater Bottle: Like your mom always said, “make sure you’re staying hydrated!” Or, maybe that was just my mom? Either way, I’ve come to learn that our mom is always right. Staying hydrated is so important, especially when you’re working out. Drinking water can be boring, but your water bottle doesn’t have to be. Find a cute water bottle that inspires you to keep drinking! I could write a whole blog post just on the benefits of water. Drink, drink, drink!


Headbands: You may be thinking this is an unnecessary accessory, but I am here to tell you that my watch and dry shampoo prove otherwise. Sweat + hair = not your friend. Headbands are your friend. I am obsessed with this brand  (headbands picture). They make headbands in a variety of sizes and patterns. So while headbands serve an important role, they also make working out a little more enjoyable!


body oilPost Workout Body Oil: During a workout, you sweat which takes moisture out of your body. After a workout, I love to use this Citrus Rosemary Body Oil to replenish moisture, especially in the Winter on troublesome areas. A little goes a long way, the scent is great, and I love that I don’t have to worry about any strange fragrances. It is on the pricier side, but it lasts a long time and has made a huge difference in areas where my skin is prone to drying out.



Collagen: I have started adding Collagen to my post workout shake and am loving the results. Collagen is of the most important nutrients needed to maintain a strong body and keep you in healing mode after a workout. You can add it to oatmeal, pancakes, water, soups, etc. I love the Vanilla flavor in my green smoothies each morning.




Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother: Last, but definitely not least…a daily dose of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother. These little “on the go” bottles are perfection because I can pack them in my bag and add them to tea or water once I get to work. I prefer 2 tablespoons a day mixed in hot tea with honey or added to a large glass of ice water. I have always struggled with digestive issues and this has been the best and most natural way of curing those issues. If I start to feel a cold coming on, I will double up on my daily dose to knock it out. Honestly, it works like a charm every single time. There are so many uses for ACV but getting your 2 tablespoons a day is the most important. One day soon, I’ll write an entire blog of uses…..and get ready because it’ll be a long one!

I hope some of these items inspire you to take care of YOU. All products are linked in underlined text. Comment below and share what helps you stick to a fitness routine! I would LOVE some more ideas. Also if you try any of the items, let me know how you like them!

Talk with you soon.



P.S. BIG announcement about the Cold Coffee Grind Vlog coming…….

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