I’m THANKFUL for you..a Latte!

It’s Benjamin’s first year at preschool, and everything is new and exciting for us! I couldn’t wait for an opportunity to create a fun, yet simple teacher gift for Thanksgiving. And of course, I had coffee on the brain…Starbucks gift card + easy printable = Pinterest worthy gift!

We are making these for his teachers, but they would also be perfect to handout to your hairdresser, co-worker, mailman, friend, etc.!

Here is a FREE printable to create this fun gift card holder: Thankful for you…a latte!.

I attached them to cardstock for an extra sturdy backing, but you could also print directly to cardstock. Then, I glued the coffee cup sleeve to the printable and inserted the gift card. Benjamin then added a personal touch with some art on the back!

Feel free to use the printable and share your thankful-ness with those you love!

Post in the comments who you will be spreading the love & lattes to this season!







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