Thanksgiving Kids’ Table

In the movies, the “Kid’s Table” is always given a bad rep. Kids can’t wait to be big enough to sit at the “big” table instead of pushed aside to the fold out table that Aunt Jean pulled out of her garage, wiped the dust off, and scrounged up some fold up chairs to set around. Am I right? What if this year, the kids’ table was the cool place too, so cool that even the adults wanted to squeeze in. Below are some tips on how to transform a simple coffee table, into the Kids’ Thanksgiving Throne of FUN!

Step 1: The Tablecoffee table.jpg
You’ll need a coffee table or something of similar size. Nothing fancy. Keep it simple!




Step 2: The Transformationcovered-table.jpg
Using craft paper or a simple wrapping paper, cover the table. Tape the corners over, like you’re wrapping a present. This will keep the paper in place throughout coloring, dinner, & dessert!
Step 3: The Crafts
Decorate the table with crafts. Yep, you heard me right. It’s time to do some crafts. I’m keeping the crafts simple, yet purposeful….they also won’t break the bank.

  • Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holder:
    What you’ll need: black cups, scissors, black, yellow & tan (or brown) paper, & glue/tape.
    First, cut the bottom out of the black cups. Cut out circles larger than the rim of the cups. Tape the black circle to the top of the cup. Cut a strip of tan paper to create the belt of the hat. Cut a rectangle with two slits with the yellow paper. Slide the tan strip through the slits of the yellow rectangle. Voila! You’ve made the belt & buckle. Wrap the belt around the bottom of the cup & tape in the back. And there you have it, a pilgrim hat crayon holder.
  • Turkey Applesauce Cups:
    What you’ll need: Applesauce cups, craft feathers, craft eyes, red & orange paper, glue, & tape.
    First, cut out orange triangles for the noses and red ovals for the gobblers. Turn the applesauce cups upside down. Glue eyes, nose, & gobblers on to create the face. On the back, tape 3-4 feathers. Super simple, a turkey decoration & a side dish!

DSCN0377              IMG_E7359

  • Cornucopia Snack Bar:
    What you’ll need: Ice cream cones, various small snack items (popcorn, mini pretzels, nuts, m&m’s, chocolate chips, gold fish, raisins, marshmallows, etc.)
    Trust me, the kids are going to love you for this one. Set snack options into a tray or various plates/bowls. Give each child an ice cream cone & let them create their own Cornucopia. It’s cute, decorative, & tasty!


Step 4: Final Touches
Decorate the table with your adorable crafts. I added a “Thankful Jar” for each child to write something they’re thankful for on a popsicle stick and place them inside. I found the cute coloring placemats in the dollar aisle at Target, there’s also plenty of free coloring pages you can print online. Add an extra décor items & your almost done!

Step 5: The Seats IMG_E7357.JPG
Pillows. Full size pillows or decorative pillows, either will work just fine. Just trust me on this one, you will be the coolest relative in the world. If you’re thinking, I’m terrible for sitting kids on the floor…you’re in for surprise. Their little faces will light up when they realize they GET to sit on pillows. They’re going to love the extra little thought you put into their space.



Step 6: Enjoy!
That’s it guys. I know it seems super simple, but with kids that’s all it really takes. A little extra thought & a little bit of crafting can create a TON of magic to a little one…and that’s what this time of year is really all about. Who knows, maybe next year you and all of your guests will be sitting around a table on pillows.

I hope YOU all have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of love, magic, and lots of turkey. Thanks for reading and if you use any of these ideas, I’d love to see them. Tag @coldcoffeegrind and #coldcoffeegrind so I’ll be sure to see!




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