Gift Guide for the Toddler

Toddler Gift Guide (ages 1-4)

So, you would think your kids would be the easiest to shop for but I have found that is not always the case. This is my son’s third Christmas, and each year I struggle! Maybe because there are too many options or maybe because he would really be happy with a box…. if I’m being honest, probably both of those reasons.

Welcome to struggle city, hop on the bus and let’s go on a ride. Here I will help with some of the ideas I have come up with in the last couple years that have made great gifts for my toddler!


Oh, and I tried to save you a little time. Just click right on the item title below for a direct link to the product on Amazon. XOXO!

  1. Magformers (30 piece): I don’t know who came up with this idea, but they were genius. My son loves playing with these whether we are at home or out to dinner, as they are super easy to take on the go. The idea of playing with magnets seem very simple, but these are sure to entertain a range in age for sure…even myself!
  2.  Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet: If you’re a strict “no screen time” parent, then this option is not for you. BUT I have found this to be a great investment, even though we only use it on rare occasions. We have a few favorite shows and some games downloaded. This is perfect for traveling or dinners that go a little too long. While I am not for having unlimited screen time, this has been perfect for those times when you just need to keep the attention a little bit longer. Have a mentioned this is a non-judgment, no mom shaming zone? Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do!
  3. Play Kitchen: I love this idea for boys & girls, plus there are so many cute options these days. Benjamin has this Retro Blue KidKraft Kitchen. It took a little more assembly than I would have liked, but it was totally worth it. It has held up well, and I think it is a great price!
  4. Activity/Train Table: I haven’t met a toddler who doesn’t love an activity table. My son has a Disney Cars® Racetrack Table that I found for a great deal last year at Costco. I wasn’t able to find that exact table, but I am loving this KidKraft Train Table.
  5. Kinetic Sand: Have you all got your hands in this stuff? It is amazing! Honestly, I look forward to when Ben wants to play with it because there’s something relaxing about playing in sand. It’s like a mini indoor sandbox……. that is CLEAN! Yes, it’s super easy to clean up. Don’t let the word “sand” scare you. I totally recommend this over and over again!
  6. Rody: This guy has become a member of our family… I am only sort of kidding. Rody is a toy that kids can ride and bounce. Rody’s come in multiple colors and the quality is unbeatable. This time of year, I am always trying to find ways to keep my son active indoors so this is a perfect solution. Two-year old’s have a lot of energy, and Rody never disappoints!
  7. Learning Tower Step Stool: If your littles love helping in the kitchen, this Learning Tower may be a great option for you. It’s a safe way to let your Little Partner be up at the counter with you without having to worry about slips and falls. The height is adjustable, so it grows with them. I love that this is multifunction with an easel on the side. My son loves being up at the counter with me whether I am cooking or he is working on a craft. This is one of my favorite “mom finds!”
  8. Magic Ink Coloring Books: These are no mess coloring books. Great for on the go or an easy activity at home. One marker, lots of colors! They come with all different characters and favorite shows. I always keep on in my bag for when we are eating out. Ben loves watching the colors appear like magic!
  9. Paints: Classic, yet dependable. Anything craft related is a win in my book. We have this paint set and it has been worth every penny. Benjamin LOVES painting and mixing colors. Not only is it fun, but he’s also improved with learning his colors.
  10. Photo Rhymes: The age recommendation for this set 3+ but we have been using them since Ben was 1.5. This set comes in a nice storage case and includes 40 double sided photo cards (20 sets of 4 rhymes). These cards are super fun, but have also been great for building vocabulary!
  11. Color Sorting Game: Here’s another “fun” option that is also educational. If you’ve been working on teaching colors, this is also great for sorting and counting. I love that it is wooden and made with all-natural products!
  12. Bath Collection: I am obsessed with all three of the bath products for kids. I even use the shampoo and conditioner for myself. I love knowing this company has a super high standard for ingredients and only uses the safest products!

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