Gift Guide for the Dad

Dads can be next to impossible to shop for, am I right? This year, save the stress and check out the list below. If this list doesn’t have something for the man you’re shopping for then God bless you…just kidding! A gift card always works too…ALL men love Lowes®, right?

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 As always, I try to make your job as easy as possible. To find these items for sale, click the title (underlined word) for a direct shopping link!

  1. Wireless Earbuds: Whether your man listens to music, podcasts, or books, good quality audio is always appreciated. Wireless earbuds make it easy for wearing during an intense workout or mowing the lawn. I think any guy would LOVE to find these under the tree this year!
  2. Adjustable Dumbbells: I am obsessed with these compact, adjustable dumbbells. Each dumbbell adjusts from 5 to 52.5 pounds, allows for a quick exercise switch, and eliminates the need for multiple dumbbells by unique dial system. If you’re short on space, this is the perfect solution! And to top it off, they’re $50 off here:
  3. Personalized Framing: Sounds simple, but this company can turn any memory into a beautiful keepsake. From framing jerseys to your first house key, this website has great gift ideas to turn a memory into gift that will be cherished forever.
  4. Brush Hero: The Original Brush Hero, perfect for the dad who loves his car, motorcycle, etc. It comes with two different brush heads for multiple surface types. The Brush Hero attaches to a water hose, no batteries or electricity is needed. There are multiple accessories and interchangeable brush heads for other types of cleaning.
  5. Master Lock Padlock: For the dad who uses a locker, this lock is controlled by a smartphone and Bluetooth. The technology makes is simple to use, but also has a backup keypad for easy opening. Whether the gym or at work, this lock is sure to make life easier and safer.
  6. Quip Electric Toothbrush: Before you roll your eyes at this gift sounding lame, give me a chance. This electric toothbrush is lightweight and shower safe, has a built-in timer and quadrant pulses to clean evenly, and the travel cover doubles as a stand and mirror mount. To make life even easier, you can subscribe to have the brush heads and battery delivered automatically to avoid over using brushes. You’re welcome!
  7. Spikeball Game Set: For the dad who enjoys a little competition for family bonding, this Spikeball Game Set might be a gift for everyone. My family takes this to the beach and even plays in the backyard. It’s a simple set up and always brings some laughs. Its currently $20 off here:
  8. Dollar Shave Club: Treat your dad to a little manly pampering! The Dollar Shave Club is a men’s subscription box for shaving, showering and oral care! This monthly subscription brings quality products to your door with customization options.
  9. Ben & Jerry’s Lock: For the ice cream loving dad, security! Check out these hilarious, but functional locks for your pints of ice-cream. This is sure to bring a laugh and your dad will be eternally grateful.
  10. Carharrt PantsCarharrt Pants: A classic but safe choice, Carharrt pants. Functional for outdoor work, yet stylish enough to run into town. Perfect for the colder weather and this brand is known for lasting many seasons!
  11. Ugg Boots: Because Uggs aren’t just for women! I had no clue Uggs made men’s boots, but I am glad I know now. They are guaranteed to be warm and comfy, with a stylish look! Perfect for the simple dressed dad or the fashionista dad!
  12. Faith Can Move Mountains Decal: For the faithful dad, this decal would be great for a laptop, car, or water bottle. This company started as a fundraiser for a mission trip, and continues to grow. I am loving this design, also available on a t-shirt on their website!


I hope you found this helpful and have some new ideas for the dad(s) in your life! Have other great ideas? I’d love to hear them. Post in the comments below!


Thanks for reading. Talk soon!



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