Easy Christmas Gift Crafts!

Need a last minute Christmas gift idea?

Christmas Crafts

On this week’s Vlog, Benjamin joined me to help make some thoughtful, handmade Christmas gifts. Check out the video here for ALL the tutorials: Christmas Craft Video!

We covered gifts for the grandparents, aunts/uncles, teachers, friends, co-workers, etc! There’s something for everyone. I have included the links to the free printables below. If you try any or create your own, comment below or tag me on Instagram so I can see @coldcoffeegrind !

Link for the “Thanks for making me one smart cookie!” : ChristmasGiftTags2018

Link for “Thanks a latte for all you do!”:  ChristmasLatte2018


Thanks for watching & reading, it means to world to me! I hope you ALL have a Merry Christmas!




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